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  1. Episode 10: Mothers

    Publisert: 18.7.2024
  2. Episode 9: The Lake

    Publisert: 11.7.2024
  3. Episode 8: Mea Culpa

    Publisert: 4.7.2024
  4. Episode 7: Did Judy See Bronwyn’s Body?

    Publisert: 28.6.2024
  5. Episode 6: Fragile

    Publisert: 27.6.2024
  6. Episode 5: Detectives, Red Flags and Failure

    Publisert: 20.6.2024
  7. A special update on BRONWYN

    Publisert: 20.6.2024
  8. Episode 4: A Strange Getaway

    Publisert: 13.6.2024
  9. Episode 3: The Lawyer's Advice

    Publisert: 12.6.2024
  10. Episode 2: War of the Winfields

    Publisert: 6.6.2024
  11. Episode 1: Jon’s Castle

    Publisert: 30.5.2024
  12. Introducing: Bronwyn

    Publisert: 13.5.2024

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The Teacher’s Pet creator Hedley Thomas returns with a new podcast investigation for The Australian.  Bronwyn Winfield disappeared 31 years ago from the idyllic surf town of Lennox Head. She was a devoted mother of two little girls, and was going through a painful separation from her husband, Jon Winfield. Jon Winfield has always maintained Bronwyn just went away and denies any wrongdoing.  Subscribers to The Australian and registered users hear episodes of ‘Bronwyn’ first. Plus, you can read more about this case and see exclusive stories, maps, timelines, graphics, video and more at If you have information which may help solve this cold case, you can contact our team confidentially by emailing [email protected]

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