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  1. Moment 167: 6 Foods You MUST Eat To HEAL Your GUT!: Dr Will Bulsiewicz

    Publisert: 21.6.2024
  2. "Casual Sex Is Almost Always Dangerous For Women!" This Is What Casual Sex Is Really Doing To Women - Louise Perry

    Publisert: 20.6.2024
  3. Simon Sinek: "Strong Thigh Muscles = More friends", This Is Why You Can't Make Friends!

    Publisert: 17.6.2024
  4. Moment 166: What Men (& Women) NEED To Know About The Menstrual Cycle: Dr Mindy Pelz

    Publisert: 14.6.2024
  5. The Menopause Doctor: This Diet Delays Menopause! They're Lying To You About Menopause! Menopause Is Shrinking Your Brain! - Dr Lisa Mosconi

    Publisert: 13.6.2024
  6. Simon Cowell Opens Up About His Heartbreaking Loss, "losing them was the hardest thing that happened to me"!

    Publisert: 10.6.2024
  7. Moment 165: This Exercise Enhances Mood, Memory & Concentration: David Raichlen

    Publisert: 7.6.2024
  8. Secret Agent: Send Your Children To A Village! How To Detect A Lie Instantly! The Eye Contact Trick I Learnt From 12 Years As A Secret Service Agent! - Evy Poumpouras

    Publisert: 6.6.2024
  9. The Pregnancy Doctor: Pregnancy Halves Every Year After 32! If You Want 2+ Children, You Need To Know This! If You Experience This Pain, Go See A Doctor!

    Publisert: 3.6.2024
  10. Moment 164: AVOID These 3 Phone Habits That Are Killing Your Brain! The Mental Health Doctor: Dr Aditi Nerurkar

    Publisert: 31.5.2024
  11. Dr Mike: The Hidden Side Effects Of Vaping! The Dark Side Of Being A Doctor! We Need To Stop Medical Misinformation!

    Publisert: 30.5.2024
  12. Charlamagne tha God Opens Up About His Depression & Childhood Trauma!

    Publisert: 27.5.2024
  13. Moment 163: Happiness Expert Reveals The One Type Of Person You Should NEVER Date

    Publisert: 24.5.2024
  14. The Exercise Neuroscientist: The Shocking Link Between Exercise And Dementia! Coffee Is Destroying Your Brain! Our Brains Have Been Hacked! - Dr Wendy Suzuki

    Publisert: 23.5.2024
  15. The Divorce Expert: 86% of People Who Divorce Remarry! Why Sex Is Causing Divorces! If They Say This, Do Not Marry Them!

    Publisert: 20.5.2024
  16. Moment 162: The ONE Thing Stopping You From Reaching Your Full Potential!: Africa Brooke

    Publisert: 17.5.2024
  17. The Glucose Expert: The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight Fast! Health Experts Are Wrong About Calorie Counting!

    Publisert: 16.5.2024
  18. Nuclear War Expert: 72 Minutes To Wipe Out 60% Of Humans, In The Hands Of 1 Person! If Nuclear War Starts, Go To This Country!

    Publisert: 13.5.2024
  19. Moment 161: The Surprising Link Between Your Gut And Your Brain: Gary Brecka

    Publisert: 10.5.2024
  20. The Fertility Expert: Delaying Having Kids Is Impacting Your Future Children & Reducing Your Chances Of Parenthood By 90%! Masturbation Reduces Cancer Risk!

    Publisert: 9.5.2024

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A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, at 18 I built an industry leading social media marketing company, and at 27 I resigned as CEO. At 28 I co-founded Flight Story – a marketing and communications company, and thirdweb - a software platform, making it easy to build web3 applications. I then launched private equity fund, Flight Fund, to accelerate the next generation of European unicorns. During this time I decided to launch 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of providing an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. Thank you for listening. My New Book: IG: LI:

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