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  1. Masters of the Air cinematographer Richard Rutkowski, ASC

    Publisert: 20.3.2024
  2. House of Ninjas showrunner and executive producer Dave Boyle

    Publisert: 13.3.2024
  3. Jenelle Riley, Variety’s Deputy Awards and Features Editor, discusses the 2024 Academy Awards nominations

    Publisert: 6.3.2024
  4. Bonus Episode: To Kill a Tiger director Nisha Pahuja and editor Mike Munn

    Publisert: 27.2.2024
  5. Maestro cinematographer Matty Libatique, ASC

    Publisert: 21.2.2024
  6. Bonus Episode: Past Lives cinematographer Shabier Kirchner

    Publisert: 20.2.2024
  7. Bonus Episode: Bobi Wine: The People’s President directors Moses Bwayo and Christopher Sharp

    Publisert: 17.2.2024
  8. Oppenheimer cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, ASC

    Publisert: 14.2.2024
  9. El Conde cinematographer Ed Lachman, ASC

    Publisert: 8.2.2024
  10. American Fiction cinematographer Cristina Dunlap

    Publisert: 31.1.2024
  11. Napoleon cinematographer Dariusz Wolski, ASC

    Publisert: 18.1.2024
  12. Poor Things cinematographer Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC

    Publisert: 12.1.2024
  13. Ferrari cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, ASC

    Publisert: 4.1.2024
  14. House of the Dragon cinematographer Catherine Goldschmidt, BSC

    Publisert: 28.12.2023
  15. Flamin’ Hot director Eva Longoria and cinematographer Federico Cantini

    Publisert: 20.12.2023
  16. Saltburn cinematographer Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF

    Publisert: 14.12.2023
  17. Crew Me Up CEO and DGA Assistant Director Joshua A. Friedman

    Publisert: 6.12.2023
  18. Loki season 2 cinematographer Isaac Bauman

    Publisert: 29.11.2023
  19. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret cinematographer Tim Ives, ASC

    Publisert: 22.11.2023
  20. Asteroid City, Roald Dahl shorts cinematographer Robert Yeoman, ASC

    Publisert: 16.11.2023

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The Cinematography Podcast is the program about the art, craft and philosophy of the moving image and the people who make it happen. Your job title doesn't have to be cinematographer to be featured on the show. We interview a wide variety of filmmakers including, actors, directors, producers, production designers, editors, storyboard artists and those in related filmmaking careers. This is not a film school, more like a professionally produced radio program found on NPR, each episode brings an interesting perspective to an often overlooked and widely misunderstood craft. Recorded in Hollywood, California at the world headquarters of Hot Rod Cameras. Hosted by Ben Rock and Illya Friedman.

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