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  1. Episode 12: Susanne Holzweiler #2

    Publisert: 10.7.2024
  2. Episode 11: Camilla Pihl

    Publisert: 26.6.2024
  3. Episode 10: Elisa Røtterud

    Publisert: 19.6.2024
  4. Episode 9: Fredrik Austad & Kasper Kristoffersen

    Publisert: 12.6.2024
  5. Episode 8: Sumeet Singh Patpatia

    Publisert: 5.6.2024
  6. Episode 7: Dr. Torkil Færø

    Publisert: 29.5.2024
  7. Episode 6: Rawdah Mohamed

    Publisert: 22.5.2024
  8. Episode 5: Sophia Lie

    Publisert: 15.5.2024
  9. Episode 4: Märtha Louise

    Publisert: 8.5.2024
  10. Episode 3: Nasir Sirikhan

    Publisert: 1.5.2024
  11. Episode 2: Anita Krohn Traaseth

    Publisert: 24.4.2024
  12. Episode 1: Susanne Holzweiler

    Publisert: 17.4.2024

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Welcome to the Take a Moment podcast, a space to block out the noise and let inspiration flow.Our host, Susanne Holzweiler, is also one of the founders of our company. She’s been there since the early days when Holzweiler first started operating as a small agency in Oslo, and is now at the heart of operations as we transition into a global lifestyle brand. Take a Moment with Holzweiler is a podcast inspired by Susanne’s experience of juggling life with a rapidly expanding business. Back in 2016 Susanne was operating as Holzweiler’s CEO: ‘I had been working so much and so hard, after having the business for 10 years. I had also gotten 2 small kids during that period, and it was just everything at the same time. I was working day and night - every spare second I was spending working.’Susanne developed a bad case of burnout, and the remedy for this was quite literally to take a moment. Susanne shifted her lifestyle to allow for a space for wellness, meditation and rest, and to learn new information from books, podcasts and her peers.Inspired by this, Take a moment with Holzweiler is our new podcast where we delve deep into the stories of the people who inspire us. There’s so much to learn if we take the time to listen to other people’s experiences, and this is what this podcast creates a space to do.As our Holzweiler family continues to grow, we get to know the stories of an ever expanding range of people, from royalty to leaders in the modern wellness movement. Holzweiler sits at the intersection of life and style, therefore we often take our inspiration from the real people living life with the values that align with our own.In the rush of the working week when everyone is dashing from meeting to meeting it’s hard to find the time to let creativity flow. So, we invite you to take a moment and join us for this podcast and see where inspiration from these stories can lead you to. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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