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  1. Atlas Copco CEO: Culture, performance, mistakes and accountability

    Publisert: 22.5.2024
  2. Porsche and Volkswagen CEO: Leadership, iconic cars & Chinese competition

    Publisert: 15.5.2024
  3. Rachel Botsman: How to build and maintain trust

    Publisert: 8.5.2024
  4. Citadel Founder and CEO: Investing, Innovation, Culture, and Politics

    Publisert: 1.5.2024
  5. Marc Andreessen Live at Our Investment Conference: AI, Disruption, US vs. Europe, and Making Money

    Publisert: 28.4.2024
  6. Shell CEO: Energy, security, transition, and Leadership

    Publisert: 24.4.2024
  7. Sal Khan CEO & Founder of Khan Academy: Personalized education, AI and the drive to learn

    Publisert: 17.4.2024
  8. Elon Musk: AI, Space, X, Mars, speed and hardcore

    Publisert: 9.4.2024
  9. Alibaba co-founder & Chair: China, Jack Ma, AI and basketball

    Publisert: 3.4.2024
  10. DoorDash co-Founder & CEO: food delivery, first order and hard work

    Publisert: 27.3.2024
  11. RBI CEO and Chair: Burger King, coffee, speed and trust

    Publisert: 20.3.2024
  12. Microsoft Chairman & CEO: AI, chip shortage, empathy, and poetry

    Publisert: 13.3.2024
  13. UBS CEO: Surprise comeback, Credit Suisse, and winning

    Publisert: 6.3.2024
  14. Northvolt CEO: Batteries, sustainability, Elon Musk and speed

    Publisert: 28.2.2024
  15. London Stock Exchange Group CEO: Leadership, CEO pay, and busting silos

    Publisert: 21.2.2024
  16. Annie Duke: Quitting, Bill Gates, and poker

    Publisert: 14.2.2024
  17. Rentokil Initial CEO: Pest Control, AI and dealmaking

    Publisert: 7.2.2024
  18. Dominos CEO: Pizza, pineapple, and courage

    Publisert: 31.1.2024
  19. Siemens CEO: Automation, digital twin and grit

    Publisert: 24.1.2024
  20. Citi CEO: Restructuring, leadership, and empathy

    Publisert: 17.1.2024

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The CEO of the largest single investor in the world, Norges Bank Investment Management, interviews leaders of some of the largest companies in the world. You will get to know the leader, their strategy, leadership principles, and much more. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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