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  1. ONE MORE THING... "The only perfect person you'll ever meet!"

    Publisert: 21.6.2024
  2. The 80th Anniversary of The D-Day Landings

    Publisert: 19.6.2024
  3. ONE MORE THING... "Bordeaux Rose!"

    Publisert: 14.6.2024
  4. Secret France, The Olympic Flame & An End of Year Party!

    Publisert: 12.6.2024
  5. ONE MORE THING... "There's always something you can do with a strawberry."

    Publisert: 7.6.2024
  6. 55 Years!

    Publisert: 5.6.2024
  7. ONE MORE THING... "The most treasured find."

    Publisert: 31.5.2024
  8. Exciting announcements!

    Publisert: 29.5.2024
  9. ONE MORE THING... "Do not cross the line!"

    Publisert: 24.5.2024
  10. A Tidy Chateau, Scotch Bonnets & Falling Off A Bridge

    Publisert: 22.5.2024
  11. ONE MORE THING... "We're just making our trampoline photogenic..."

    Publisert: 17.5.2024
  12. Grand Designs Live, Getting Lost & The Dawn Chorus!

    Publisert: 15.5.2024
  13. ONE MORE THING... "A cat-away."

    Publisert: 10.5.2024
  14. Spring Cleaning, Chateau Shopping & Mice...

    Publisert: 8.5.2024
  15. ONE MORE THING... "I say, I say, I say..."

    Publisert: 3.5.2024
  16. Competitive Family Fun & Why Did We Move To France?

    Publisert: 1.5.2024
  17. ONE MORE THING... "There was a massive BANG!"

    Publisert: 26.4.2024
  18. Chewing Gum Cake, Poutine & How Many Rooms?

    Publisert: 24.4.2024
  19. ONE MORE THING... "This car can park itself!"

    Publisert: 19.4.2024
  20. Birthdays In Paris!

    Publisert: 17.4.2024

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Dick and Angel Strawbridge are familiar to millions who enjoyed the immensely popular "Escape To The Chateau”, which charted their journey of purchasing, renovating and moving-in to a magnificent French chateau. Dick and Angel's Chat...Eau will follow the extraordinary day-to-day goings on of the Strawbridge family today. They’ll be revealing the inner workings of their unique family home, the upkeep, the projects and the adventures, big and small, in more detail than ever before. If you'd like to send Dick and Angel an email, visit thechateau.tv Excited to meet Dick & Angel in person? Come and see them on their all new UK tour this autumn! For dates and tickets, visit https://thechateau.tv/pages/tour Please review Global's Privacy Policy: https://global.com/legal/privacy-policy/ For advertising opportunities on this podcast email: [email protected]

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