9. Hanna-Martine, the weekend that changed her life

HeartSmart Conversations - En podkast av HeartSmart Conversations - Onsdager

Hanna-Martine Baller is a Norwegian Influencer and Podcast Host. In 2019 she had her spiritual awakening at a spiritual bootcamp with her good friend Triana Iglesias. She had experienced a lot of trauma that blocked her heart, and at this point she was ready to open her heart and follow it. HeartSmart Conversations, a weekly podcast with Märtha Louise, Lilli Bendriss & Mari Manzetti. Three spiritual women with a deep felt desire to help all people understand the transformational power of love, and how to implement it into our lives for the better of all mankind.   Produced by Cornelia Scheele Carlsen, HeartSmart AS Collaboration send to [email protected]   Picture: Thomas Qvale

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