Episode 1: Jon’s Castle

Bronwyn - En podkast av The Australian - Torsdager

In an idyllic surf town, Bronwyn Winfield is a loving young mother determined to divorce her husband Jon and start again with her two daughters. She writes about her life and describes a deeply unhappy marriage. She tells friends and relatives that she fears Jon. Bronwyn discloses firm plans including an imminent meeting with a lawyer advising her about her separation from her estranged husband. Jon has a strong tether to the family home. He built it. Bronwyn calls it ‘Jon’s castle, my prison’, but the house is at risk of being sold in a break-up. When Bronwyn suddenly disappears, Jon keeps the house and the two girls. And nobody sees or hears from Bronwyn again. Jon denies foul play and says his wife went away for a break. He still surfs most days. Read more about this case and see photographs, maps, timelines and more at bronwynpodcast.com.  If you have information which may help solve this cold case, you can contact our team confidentially by emailing [email protected] If you need support, Lifeline can be reached on 13 11 14.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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